Belton Missouri Trip 2013

We went to Belton for Sage's spring break and Rozzie and Royce's 50th wedding anniversary. We were gone for two weeks and we still did
not do all the things we had planed on. Getting snow while we were there messed up some of our site seeing.

setting up the party for Rozzie and Royce's 50th wedding anniversary

Erin and Shawn                                                                                  looking at a world map to see where they have traveled to

Karyl and Erin                                                              Jill, Ros, Traci, Erin, Alex and Karyl

Roycie and Roz                                 Lydia                                                            Jacob, Lydia and Chris                 

Sage and Kelly                                                                Alax and Traci

Traci and Erin                                                 Roycie                                                                                           

Kelly, Royce, Erin, Traci and Rozzie                                          Royce, Rozzie, Patty and Bob

                                 woke up to 8" of snow the next morning

Sage clearing the driveway so we could get out

went bowling

went to Papa and Rozzies to play card games

Royce, Karyl and Sage                                                          Royce

Frank                                                   Karl and Kelly

one of the things we like to do when we get to Belton is go to one of the many museums that are there

Sage reading about some of the bad people that live there in the 1800

lunch break before we go to another museum

                                                                 a woman swallowed over a 1100 items and died when they opened the woman's stomach

some of the things that they tried to cure the medical ill

reading how they did lobotomies                                                                       burning at the stake                    shock treatment

putting a trampoline together for Sage

Jackstack for lunch one day

Easter egg dyeing using shaving cream and food dye

one night we went to a soccer game and Kansas City won 2 - 0