Trans Atlantic Cruise 2017

We went on a three week trans Atlantic cruise with Gary and Deloris.

our ship The Getaway

heading out of Miami on the Norwegian Getaway to Europe

Karyl and Loris loved the rope course, the boys stayed on the deck

          they walked the plank                                                                       Ron loved the water slides

                                                moon                                                             big cabin                             

Marina our favorite waitress                                                                                        

                         they liked to sell art??? on the ship

hanging two with of The Mersey Boys who performed on the ship                                              casino                                                 

our room towel animals

say hello to Brest France

a pope is buried here

poor planning on how to get 3000 passengers back on ship for some it took 3 hours

say hello to Southampton

Southampton is noted for its association with the RMS Titanic, the Mayflower and more generally in the World War II narrative as one of the departure points for D-Day, and more recently as the home port of a number of the largest cruise ships in the world.

went to see the structure that we call “Stonehenge” was built between roughly 5,000 and 4,000 years ago and that forms just one part
of a larger, and highly complex, sacred landscape

say hello to Rotterdam Nertherland

A major logistic and economic centre, Rotterdam is Europe's largest port and has a population of 633,471 (2017),
the second-largest in the Netherlands, just behind Amsterdam

The Cubic Houses are a curious and magnificent architectural wonder located in Rotterdam, Netherlands                                                      

went in to a working windmill and this is where they stayed

say hello to Copenhagen Denmark

Since the turn of the 21st century, Copenhagen has seen strong urban and cultural development, facilitated by investment in its institutions and infrastructure

The statue of the Little Mermaid, an icon of the city and a popular tourist attraction

say hello to Iceland

Iceland is at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The main island is entirely south of the Arctic Circle, which passes through the
small Icelandic island of Grímsey off the main island's northern coast.

Gullfoss Falls

The Blue Lagoon  geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland

flew over Greenland on our way home