Hawaii trip with the grand kids

We met Betsy and Dax in Kauai with the grand kids and had a great time.

stayed a week at The Point

                                                                                           Waimea Canyon                                                    see the water falls in the circle

getting a pig ready for a luau                                              the boys

kayak to secret waterfalls

kayak up the river for 2 miles

lot of other people were there                                            1.5 mile hike to the falls

riding the mud dogs

Karyl and Sage rode the mud dogs off road

going into a world war 2 bunker

rode to where Jurassic Park was filmed

                    group photo                                                     they got a little dirty

the pool

the kids loved the pool they were in most days

ocean snorkeling

practise snorkeling in the pool

2 turtles one heading out to sea and one sleeping

2 seals on the beach                                                                                                 

tubing the ditch

the start of our float                                                                            

Dax relaxes                                                                         Sage got dunk at the end of the float