June 19, fed horses, rode bikes, went to Lone Pine to see the goats, went to see the turtles and got our camping stuff ready.

              found Jill's G.I. Joes sleeping bag                                                                                skipping rocks                                                

  went to see the turtles                                                                                  

June 18 - Bike riding, basketball, horses and pizza

walked down to feed the horses and see the baby horse

the grand kids playing together

Sage's hand print                                       Lyns found a bug                                                       

nice socks                                                                  rode bikes down to see the horse again                                              

                                                                                           tipped over on her bike, needed a band-aid

made their own pizza

stopped at a car show at a Portland fire station with Lyndsey and then went to the airport to pick up Sage when he flew in

                                               MT. Hood in the back ground                                            Lyns love do do the rabbit ears

tried to get Lyns to dunk the fireman, she said no way -- Grandma dunked the fireman and Grandpa could not hit the target

waiting for Sage to fly in and Lyndsey was board waiting for Sage

made it to Mike and Betsy's house for Fathers Day

playing games

stopped at Moms on the way home for ice cream

looking for the pennies in the sand box