July 4th 2014

Went to Keizer for a special ceremony for Bill Koho at the 4th of July ball game. But first a stop at the A.C. Gilbert house in Salem.

A.C. Gilbert house in Salem

we need this for our house                                                         how many engineers does it take?

walked across the Willamette River                                                   river boat                       


               baseball card of Bill that was given away at the game         

special ceremony for Bill Koho Mom's son and Dennis and Scott's brother who was killed in Vietnam

Dennis's granddaughter Addison ran the bases                                                                      

Sage loved to throw the baseball to check radar speed

grandpa tried and got the fastest speed this year in his age bracket

Dennis got us great sky box seats                                                        Scott                                                Karyl and Mom

right after this photo was taken a foul ball just missed mom's head                                     Bill's glove from 1965                   

great night for a gall game