Kirk Family Reunion in South Dakota

19 family members showed up out side of Hot Springs South Dakota for a 5 day get together in a 9 bedroom 4 bath house. The first day of
our trip from Oregon to S.D. started with a over night stay in a Bavarian Leavenworth Wa. city with Gary, Delores, Betsy, Lyndsey, Karyl and Ron.
We drove 3784 miles in our Pruis and Gary and Delores drove their Pruis. We got 49.4 MPG and they got 50MPG

Betsy's photos of the trip

Leavenworth on the first day of trip

                                                                 view from our room                                                                          a street organ grinder

walked around a park so Lyndsey could look for bugs

skipping rocks

Devils Tower on the second day

ice cream on the way                                                        a tee pee                                                          we made it    

up we go

oh so big

                                                                                                      prairie dogs

Hanging around the house on the third day

Delores, Roz, Jordan, Sage and Shawn                                         Betsy, Kelly and Sage

Kelly and Roz                                                        Patty and Bob                                                      Royce

Roycie, Delores and Karyl                                            Gary and Lydia                                            L          

Jill, Betsy and Karyl                                                                         WHAT                   

Ron and Royce                                                                                   Kelly and Jill         

Custer State Park on the forth day

Lyndsey checking out what she was going to see                                  taking a picture of a buffalo

Pruis going thru the Needles

                                                                      wild burros

                                                                                     burro sticks his head in the car

Mt. Rushmore on the forth day

this is what Mt. Rushmore was going to look like but the sculptor die and will never be finished

Old Fashioned Hayride & Chuckwagon Dinner

waiting in line to get our cowboy hat                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                         riding the haywagan to the bar-b-que

most of us had steak                                                         our tickets                                             getting our dinner

                                                                                                                                               Lyndsey getting her hat signed


Wind Cave hidden beneath the rolling prairie of the
southern Black Hills is one of the world’s longest caves

                                                         down we go

Named for barometric winds at its entrance, this complex labyrinth of passages contains a unique formation – boxwork.

                                                                                  we all made it out

Mammoth Hot Spring The World's Largest Concentration of Mammoths
in the World just Found Number 61!

waiting to go in to Mammoth dig site

The majority of fossils found at the Mammoth Site are from the North American Columbian mammoth