Lyndsey's February Visit

Feb. 24 More bruises today, her Mom and Dad won't let her come back if we keep that up.

started the day with a walk that did not last long, tripped on the sidewalk                                       after lunch went to River Road Park

got stuck on the ladder and called Grandma come help

cleaning up before bedtime

Feb. 23 - Today we played with Play-Doh, went to Chucky E. Cheese for lunch and had movie night.

making Play-Doh cookies

Chucky showed up to say hi                                                          loves pizza                                                      

                                                                                                        movie night before bed

Feb. 22 - It rained today so we went to Valley River Mall playground and then went swimming at the wave pool with Grandma.

Feb. 21 - Today was a busy day. Went to work with Grandma, went shopping, birthday lunch with Lona, rode bikes, fed horses and danced.

                           watering the plants for Grandma at work                                                   working on her letters

         saying bye to her buddy Beth before heading home                                               came home for Play-Doh time                                  

Play-Doh head band and necklace

went to lunch with Lona, Mel, John, Grandma and Grandpa for Lona's birthday

went for a ride on her quad                                         sat on a warm rock

rode bike partway to feed the horses

got a new puzzle from the $ store                                                         picking out music to dance with

Feb. 20 - Betsy went home this morning and Lyns had the day all planned out until a bar stool fell on her. So we had to take a trip to have Grandma kiss her forehead and stop at DQ to make her feel better.

blowing bubbles

Feb. 19 - Play-Doh, fed horses, danced and played in the sandbox

Feb. 18, 2012 - Betsy and Lyndsey got to Eugene late Friday night after a long trip from Longview.

                                           dancing to the music in the morning

                                                                                                 got some new paints

Roycie's favorite candy

it was raining so Lyns rode her in the garage                        walked down to feed the horses

on the way home climb hill