Lyndsey's March Visit

March 31 - Fed horses, rode bikes and stayed around home.

counting her money                                                                         heading down to feed the horses                         

March 30 - Lyndsey went to celebrate with Beth for her birthday and Beth stopped smoking , both happen the the same day in 2008.

eating cupcakes with Beth

                                                                                                                                   had to water the plants before leaving

got new hula-hoops from Toys-R-Us and it works better than the ones from the $tore

March 29 - Today Lyns went to work with Grandma, went to Costco, after lunch went to putt putt again and made cupcakes.

                                                    notice the other golfers were all ways watching Lyns

there was to many golfers so Lyns got bored

played on the slides before heading home for a short nap

made cupcakes to take to work for Lyndsey and Beth

March 28 - Played outside in morning and in the afternoon when it started to rain we went to putt putt golf .
After our nap we went swimming at the wave pool.

great golf form

found some indoor slides at the putt putt golf

March 27 - Today was lucky number day so we went shopping, more science experiments and coloring.

Papa "Lyndsey you are coloring out side the lines"
Lyndsey "Papa you are to" as she shows me

looking in the science experiment book on doing finger prints so today we tried finger printing

we got hula-hoops at the $tore not very good hoops, will try Toy-R-Us next

March 25 & 26 - Put up her tent, fed horses, played in sand box, science experiments.

helping Grandma with a Easter Egg tree

fed horses and a cat

showing off her swim suit

science experiment