Lyndsey's April Visit in Eugene

April 26 - Lyns went to work with Grandma, shopping, Chuck E. Cheese and movie night.

went to work with Grandma today

changing a battery in one of her toys

Chuck E Cheese

nap time                                                                                                                         watching Mamma Mia

                                                                                                                                                     movie time before bed

April 25 - today we colored, went putt putting and made cupcakes

                                                                  Lyns putts left handed

                                                                      got some sand on the way home from putt putting

made cupcakes for Papa's birthday

                                                                              had to put a ice pack on her tummy, had a cupcake and felt better

April 24 - Did our toes, took Papa for a haircut, took Grandma to lunch, shopped, blew bubbles, rode bikes and played cards.

painting our toes

rode bike and blew bubbles

                                         off roading                                                                          playing cards

April 23 - Fed birds today, Play-Doh and rode bikes.

science experiment

playing with Play-Doh

                             rode bike to feed the horses                                                                   movie night before bed

April 22 (Earth Day) - Went on a long bike ride, went shopping, fed horses, played in the sand box, went to the Delta Pond to see the turtles but
Lyns got in to the sticker bush so we had to come home for a band-aid.

Lyns making out a shopping list for Fred Meyer                                                       giving Papa a cat tattoo

playing in her sand box

got a Papa Murph make it your self pizza

Papa Murph tattoo

fed horses

looking at some turtles at the Delta Ponds

got a three band-aid scratch at the pond

after Lyns got her band-aids she was ready play again

April 21, 2012 - We spent Friday night at Mike and Betsy's house in Lonview after seeing the Cirque du Soleil show in Portland with Dennis and Lori.
Saturday we went to Betsy's soccer game and then headed to Salem to see Mom and at stop and Ken and Sandys before driving to Eugene.

got to see Betsy play soccer

Kimmy's new baby boy Nolan

Kenny and Lyns trying to catch frog and goldfish

got two frogs and a goldfish

went for a bike ride in Eugene