Lyndsey's visit

Monday April 22 - did sciences projects and played

morning drink                                                                         got the science book out to try a project

picked some leaves                                                                               then painted them

mixing paint

made slime

bubbles and hula hoop

Sunday April 21 we went swimming at the wave pool

Saturday April 20

started the day off with a bike ride to feed the horses

sidewalk chalk

lunch and playing music

high schools kids were putting a performance of Peter Pan at North Eugene High School

Nana the dog                                                                                                        Peter pan and Tiger Lily


bubble time

shooting baskets

soccer time

Friday April 19

went to visit Betsy and Lyndsey

stopped in Salem to see Mom

had lunch and ice cream with great Grandma

rode bike down to see the horses after we got to Eugene

Lyndsey likes to look at worms and snails

big snail

new swim suit                                movie before bed