Lyndsey's Visit

June 4 went for a wagon ride, road her bike and went swimming

stopped to watch the men work on the street                                      

road bike down to see horses

counting her money                                 colored a page for us                                                    bubbles

June 3 Sunday - played in the water, read books and went to Gateway Mall

Lyndsey made a trap to catch the frog that she lost in the house                                           getting sun screen on                  

shot the water across the yard                                                                                checking out a book

                                playing jacks                                              wanted to play at Gateway Mall play ground

                                                                       looking for buried treasure in the sand box

June 2, A busy day bike riding, Lone Pine farms, neighborhood carnival and Lyns found a frog and lost it in the house. Good thing the frog was small.

morning bike ride

Lone Pine farms

playing with water

Grandma's birthday cake

good ice cream cake

neighborhood carnival

looking for free books     

played games