Lyndsey's October Visit

Oct. 20 - went to Valley River Mall to play on the play ground.

playing with Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies

                                          lunch time

Valley River Mall play ground

we went to check on Lyns at bed time and found she was sleeping in Grandma and Grandpa's bed

Oct. 19 - went to drop in soccer and play time at Kick City.

good soccer form

reading time and playing with Betsy's Barbies

eating apples and watching My Little Ponies with her Little ponies

Oct. 17 - played game and worked on Lyndsey's pumpkin.

working on her pumpkin

named her pumpkin Ellie

taking a picture of her finish pumpkin

playing Cootie, Papa won

reading a book

Oct. 16 - Putt Putt golf, fed horse and sand box.

working on her princess look

playing with Dora

putt putt golf

                                                                       had to stop at the play ground

stopped for ice cream on the way home

walked down to feed the horses

the weather was good to day so we played in the sand box

Oct 15 - Today it was raining so we went to the movies.

playing the drums in the morning                    making a call on her play phone                          big lunch before going to the movies              


guess who

walking a round the mall

went to movies and saw Brave

Oct. 13 - walked down to feed the horses and went to Lone Pine Farms.

checking out the snails and slugs on our walk down to feed the horses

feeding the goats at Lone Pine Farms

hay bales maze

rode the horse drawn wagon to get a pumpkin

play time before we head home

Grandma glasses                                     checking e-mail before bed                                    no hands somersault

cartwheel before bedtime

Oct. 12 - shopped, danced, made pizza and played.

dancing queen

looking at a cat out side the window

put the tent up

working on Papa's hairstyling

play-doh time

                                                                                                                                                     getting ready for bedtime