Lyndsey's November Visit

Nov. 28 - today we went to Chuck E. Cheese and swimming at the wave pool.

riding the horse when Chuck E. Cheese showed up

Chuck E. Cheese                                                                                                                                                              big winner

Nov. 27 - today we played putt putt golf.

Lyndsey got a hole in one, ball hit the flag pole and stayed there                                                     playground time                           

watched the movie The Polar Express before bedtime

Nov. 26 - Went to the movie and saw Ice Age, fed horses and made apple sauce

walked down to feed the horses

                                                          Lyns had her boots on so she wanted to walk in the wet grass

cleaned her mirror and showing off                                                                                     reading The Polar Express            

Nov. 25 - made pudding, did chores, scientific experiment and played

looking at toy catalog and marking the ones she wants from Santa

                                            doing her chores                                                                                     lunch time

making pudding

doing a scientific experiment

play time

                                                     watching a movie before bedtime

Nov. 23 - today we put up Christmas lights and went shopping.

wanted to fly her kite but no wind

picking out lights

                                                                                           found her Christmas stocking