May 19 we walked down to check on the baby horse before Lyndsey heads home.

May 18, today Lyns went to work with Grandma, rode bikes, blew bubbles and saw a baby horse stand up and walk for the first time.

lunch                                                            walked down to see the horses and one just gave birth

baby horse got up for the first time

                          riding her bike                                                             Grandma blowing bubblles

science experiment

our last movie night this month

May 17, today Lyns went to work with Grandma, put some puzzles together and played a round the house.

getting ready to go to work                             at the computer                                    new swim suits                            cleaning the floor                   

Grandma came home for lunch                                                     putting a puzzle together                                  

a big puzzle

May 16 - built a table fort, made cookies and went swimming

we played in her table fort until she bonked her head and made cookies, went swimming later

May 15, went shopping, made pizza, blew bubbles and played ball.

making her pizza                                                                                               all most done

                                coloring                                                                 having a snack

Lyns hit the ball most of the time

taping the dirt of her shoes like the big kids                                   her hand is all most as big as Sage                                                           

                     we made it to Tuesday be fore we had to get the band-aids out                         new pjs                                                                                      

May 14, Today we colored, played basketball and went to Lone Pine Farms to feed the goats.

                                                                           went to Lone Pine Farms to feed the goats

spent a lot of time taking wood chips out of her sandals                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                         looking at the Koi

                                             end the day with a movie night