August 23 - today Dennis came to Eugene with his grandkids Brynn and Deacon so we could all go to the wave pool.

                       Lyns helping Deacon up                                  Deacon jumps in

Brynn stands on her head                                                                                                     Lyns jump in                     

down the water slide

                                                                                                                                             Papa and Lyns hit by a wave

no fear Deacon

August 22 - Today we got our camping stuff down and went to Lone Pine Farms to get some corn.

August 21 - today we went shopping, made a photo book, played in her sandbox and made a pizza

while Lyns played in her sandbox the birds came for a visit

Bluebird eating peanuts

making a pizza

August 19 - today Lyns rode her bike to feed the horses and then we went to Lone Pine Farm.

rode bike down to feed the horses

went to Lone Pine Farm to get fruit, fed the goats and play on the playground

Lyns pumps to swing higher

                                                                                                 topped off the trip with ice cream