Two retiree out looking for lost treasure

Sept. 24-25

found 5 rings,1944 nickel and silver hearts

July 13, 2017

hit two parks for about 3 hours and found over $4 each and some pretties

April 6,2017

found golden egg and got a $25 parking ticket

July 7, 2016
we hit two parks after the 4th of July weekend and found a silver ring and necklace plus over $5 in change.

June 2, 2016

we have been planning on going metal detecting at the old Breitenbush hot springs for a year, we finality made it to find
corroded bathtubs, scraps of green tile and concrete pools filled with scummy water remain from a resort that closed in 1979. Toilet paper and beer
cans are from more recent visitors, who use hoses to pipe 120-degree mineral water into impromptu pools along the river.

Kenny found $2.85 and Ron found $3.35 and one $ coin

May 28, 2015 Ron found second ring and some old dimes

May 27, 2015 good day detecting

                                                 Kenny found the most coins today and his 54th ring                                         but Ron had the higher coin value  

Ron found first ring

a good day of hunting, Ken found a quarter

Ron found his first silver dollar and a old toy, Ken found 76 cents and a steak knife

Kenny found a 1880 penny in January