Mexico 2017

Went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico with Gary, Delores and Braden for a great 11 days.

Sunset boat cruise

some big iguana one on the left was over 6' long

getting on the boat                                                               Gary and Braden

all the drinks you could want                                                 

great sunset


                                judges                                          resort staff Halloween costume contest

winners were from the maintenance department                                                                                                       

getting ready to head for town                                                 10's of thousands were down town

don't stop or the kids will surround you

hike to Playa Las Animas
it's a secluded beach village on the south side of Banderas Bay

Bill, Suzie, Braden, Ron, Karyl, Lores and the Man

beer and good food were waiting for us

we made the 4 mile walk thru the jungle and took a water taxi out                                           back at the resort

Braden taking strait shots                                                                       the resort pool