playing catch with the football

Sage in gymnastics class learning to do hand stands

                                                            Roycie came for a visit                                                                       Kelly and Sage

Sage doing spatter art work for his bedroom wall

                                                                                                       looks very good on his wall

playing soccer with Grandma

                                         Carry Nation and Dale Carnegie are buried in the Belton cemetery                                     Carry Nation Museum               

                                                                                           hearse that Carry Nation rode in

looking thru old photos in the Museum and found a picture of Roz

Jill                                                                   Roz and Karyl                                                             Logan

Royce and Sage                                                             Sage and Erin                                                                         

cleaning the table so we can play cards                                       Kelly                                                             Sage and Logan

Traci                                                               Alex                                         making a cake

fixing dinner                                    every family has one and Kelly is ours                                            

Kelly and Karl who just got married                                                                                                                               

playing cards                                                        Roc and Alex

Mike                         Royce                      Roc                                         Damytri              

Alex's son Damytri 

Royce brought back a boomerang from their recent trip to Australia so we had to go try it

getting better doing hand stands

Logan gave it a try