2015 Pederson Family Picnic

August 15, 2015 - The annual Pederson family picnic was held at Bush Park in Salem Oregon. A lot of  the cousins did not make
it this year, but we had new family members join us.

             Betsy, Dax and Pam                                                  Beth, Michael, Chet and Chris

Lyns, Brynn, Deacon and Sean                                                     

time to eat

Gary, Delores and Karyl                                                       Michael, Chet and Joann

Todd                                                                          Dax and Betsy                                                    trac ball

ladder ball                                                                                          

Sage, Jill and Nicky                                                                Jeanie and Linda

                                                            egg toss                                                                egg got him in the face

                                                                         Gary and Ronnie won

TP race

blowing bubbles

        Linda, Chris, Lindsey and Kenny                                                 up a tree                                                       Kim