4.5 mile Smith Rock hike

up we go                                                                                                                                     

break time

made it to the top                                                  The Three Sisters                              

Mt. Hood                                                                                 Mt. Jefferson

Monkey face                                 leaving some rock art                                                                      

got back in time to do some late night fishing

starting our 10.5 mile round trip hike to Green Lake, if we knew what was ahead we would not be smiling

Fall Creek on the way to Green Lake                                                              started to run in to snow

Ranger Rick checking out our permit

trying to cross a creek                           South Sister that we will climb in September

figuring out where to cross the snow                           lunch at snow covered Green Lake

                  Broken Top       heading home, the next day we read in the newspaper that the hike was not recommended due to snow and fallen trees.

going for train ride on the Sunriver Mall

concert on the mall

morning wildlife

going on a 4 mile river float

out they go                                              made it back

Benham Falls hike

caught 3 fish all over 13" long

rode bikes to a concert

Bets was hungry                                  Lyndsey got her worm out and tried fishing                                               

bike ride

last day together before they head home