San Francisco trip

Sage, Karyl and Ron flew down to San Francisco for Sage's spring break

walking around Fisherman Wharf

looking at Alcatraz where we will be going tomorrow

lunch and drinks at Joe's crab shack

we wanted to go on trolley ride but did not get to

got to go on some cool old ships

we took a boat out to Alcatraz Island

the Indians took over Alcatraz in 1969

shower room (don't drop the soap)                                                                                

bar spreader for escape attempt in 1962                          fake head in bed                         dug a hole around the wall vent to get out   

                           control room                                           let me and I'll be good

                                                                                             one of the last convicts in Alcatraz and he wrote a book about it

view of San Francisco from Alcatraz

walking around Golden Gate Part

teaching us how to ride a Segway