Sage's summer visit

June 7 - went Corridor School's Carnival

Sage and Grandma went on a monster truck ride

Sage throwing balls at the girl in the dunk tank and downs she goes                                                           tractor pull                              


Sage in the dunk tank

driving a stock car

June 6 batting cage and went for a bike ride

June7 - picked strawberries, played in the pool, ladder ball and played soccer

putting on his new shoes                                                                                                                          

working on headers

June 6 - road bikes, played in pool, went to the batting cage and played ladder ball .

road bikes to the river and skipped rocks

                   played ladder ball                                                                           $%&#* balls are tangled again

                                                                      first one to get all the ladder full


shooting baskets

filled the pool

went to the Buddy Holly Story musical at the Hult Center