Sunriver Trip

     We spent thursday night with Betsy and Lyndsey. Lyndsey had swimming class that night so we got to see how good she was doing.
The next day we drove over to Sunriver with Lyndsey to play in the snow and go to The High Desert Museum.

putting a puzzle together

ready to swim

                                                                                                              at Sunriver and ready to play in the snow

walked down to the store

Grandma tries                                                                                                               snow angel

went to the High Desert Museum                             looking at the big fish                                                                         

Lyndsey loved the Native American clothes

had to look at all the fish and animals

LOOK Mommy can I keep him                               

                                                             Bald Eagles                                                         Golden Eagle

a hawk                                             owl                                                                     a porcupine


                                  cougar skin                                                                     looking in the cougar's mouth

looked at the butterflies

making a paper butterfly

climb in to a eagle nest                              went to the library to get some books and a movie                  

tried to make snowman but the snow was to dry

got some Shrinky Dinks from Lori so we had to try them

watching them in the oven

picking out a new ear ring for Papa                 putting the new ear ring in                                looks good