A week in Las Vegas

We left Eugene at the end of our ice and snow storm for a week in Las Vegas. We car pooled with Gary and Delores with one night stay in Reno.
The condo where we're staying is beautiful. The casino next door (literally) is 1-stop entertainment - gambling, dining, bowling, music, movie theater, even a horse arena. We're several miles from the strip, so it's a clean, quiet neighborhood.

we spent part of a day on the Strip

             What an interesting and fun night we had last night. The music bar/live band turned out to be a dance club for the geriatric group.
We were the youngest geri's there!!! We shared a table Kathy and Dick

We took the shuttle to a casino called Silverton this morning. There's a Bass Pro Shop in the same building; fun to browse thru that store. In the casino, there's a fish tank with hundreds of fish and 3 species of rays. We saw them feed the rays, scuba diving into the tank. Then a mermaid entered the tank....great photo opportunities.

went to Fremont Street for the light show

We spent the day at Valley of Fire state park. Beautiful, a mini Arches National Park. But I was slightly apprehensive after reading a warning about Africanized honey bees making hives in the park....